Fomadon LQN 250ml

Fomadon LQN 250ml

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LQN Film developer - The original "Magic Water" for Foma 100 and 400 ISO films.

Full ISO rating with normal image contrast, and nice gray tones. This is a highly compensating developer and gives a negative soft contrast. This is the standard developer when you want to develop a Foma 100 at true 100 ISO, or a 400 at true 400. Not as fine-grained as the Atomic-49 developer, but easier to work with.

Time table:
Almost all 100 ISO films have times of 7-8 minutes. Almost all 400 ISO films have times of 9-10 minutes.

Use with dilution 1+10
For 100 ISO films you can use a dilution of 1+14. If you do this with a 400 ISO you will lose some of the film sensitivity.