Nikon F3P HP + MD-4
Nikon F3P HP + MD-4
Nikon F3P HP + MD-4
Nikon F3P HP + MD-4

Nikon F3P HP + MD-4

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Nikon's special model of F3, "P", for press or professional.
The camera is in good condition with only minor wear (very small dent on the front of the viewfinder), works as it should. Comes with an MR-3 imprint for portrait format.

This differentiates between F3 and F3P:
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1. Textured titanium-finish pentaprism viewfinder for increased sturdiness.
2. A new finder DE-5 with an ISO-type accessory shoe with flash and ready light contacts located on the top of the pentaprism viewfinder.
3. Focusing Screen Type B (matte screen) as a standard accessory,
4. New Camera Back MF-6B as standard equipment for auto rewinding stop in conjunction withMotor Drive MD-4 .
5. New mechanical shutter release cover. (Just push in and set the lock release lever at the red mark to release the lock control.)
6. Round film counter read-out window.
7. Film counter numerals in white.
8. ASA/ISO film speed setting dial window cover.
9. Higher height of shutter speed dial and shutter release button.