Silbersalz35 500T 36exp
Silbersalz35 500T 36exp

Silbersalz35 500T 36exp

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Original SILBERSALZ35 500T True Cinefilm. Made with untouched KODAK Vision3 motion picture film like it is used in Hollywood. SILBERSALZ35 is professionally manufactured in metal cartridges and compatible with every 35mm camera out there. The 200T has an ISO of 500 and is balanced for Tungsten (3200K). DX-Code is rated at 250 ISO since we recommend overexposing this film by one stop. 36 exposures.


Purchase for a development coupon that entitles you to a development as well as a "High quality" scan in 4K of the film, which takes place in Germany at Silbersalz, as the film must be developed in ECN-2 development.

Kamerastockholm is a "Drop of point" for Silbersalz and can undertake to send films (which are purchased from us) to Germany for a fee. Contact us for more info.

See the link below for more info on the Silbersalz developing/scanning service.