Cinestill Xpro 800T 120

Cinestill Xpro 800T 120

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The second generation of CineStill film is now being produced!
With  an improved and refined process, 800Tungsten is producing superb result  in standard C-41 chemistry!
Great rated ISO 200-2000! Can be  pushed to 3000! Original fresh stock from Kodak Vision3 500T 5219  prepped and rolled for clean safe C-41 standard development as an ISO  800 film. May also still be processed in motion picture ECN-2 chemistry.
Our  very custom "Premoval" (patent-pending) process makes motion picture (  ECN2 / ECN-2 ) film safe to process in standard C-41 photo lab chemicals  or at home.
Note: This film was designed to be processed in ECN-2  Chemicals and may still be processed in it's native chemistry. Test  results show consistent in standard C-41 machine processing when  compared with ECN-2 motion picture lab processing performed by  professional labs. Long term archival stability has not been tested past  3 years. Expectations for archival longevity should be somewhere  between Kodachrome and most C-41 films but there are no guarantees.