Camera straps


Kamerastockholm's self-made camera straps have received a new design, and a new model, and are now manufactured in new oiled leather from a Swedish tannery. The tannery only uses hides from local farms. The tanning is completely vegetable, and is carried out with bark extract from mimosa. All finishing products are all water-based.

The new strap we developed is adjustable in length. It is made in 2 different models, 90-110cm and 110-130cm, and in 5 different colours. The same 5 colors also apply to the straps with fixed lengths.

All the shoulder straps now have only one rivet, which gives a slightly more classic design. We are happy to continue making straps with two rivets for those of you who want it (please let us know in that case), although the new design with 1 rivet will be standard on the website.

The wrist straps are also made in vegetable tanned leather, in the same type of leather as before, and with 2 rivets as before.