Rental service

  • Rental range at Kamerastockholm.

The prices are per day, excluding VAT .

Requests for rent or booking are made via +46(0)70-249 45 38 or

Rental conditions can be found at the bottom of the page.

The more days you rent starting from the fourth day, the cheaper it will be per day, see below:
1 day = 1 day's rent
2 days = 2 days rent
3 days = 3 days rent
4 days = 4 days rent -15% discount
5 days = 5 days rent -20% discount
6 days = 6 days rent -25% discount
7 days = 7 days rent -30% discount

- Please note that these discounts do not apply to equipment hired from another supplier -

Medium format

  • Pentax 67 camera housing + TTL-Prism - SEK 420/day (there are 2)
  • Pentax 67 lens 45/4 - SEK 300/day
  • Pentax 67 lens 55/4 - SEK 300/day
  • Pentax 67 lens 75/4.5 - SEK 300/day
  • Pentax 67 lens 90/2.8 - SEK 300/day
  • Pentax 67 lens 90/2.8 Central shutter (flash sync at all times) SEK 300/day
  • Pentax 67 lens 105/2.4 - SEK 350/day
  • Pentax 67 lens 135/4 Macro - SEK 300/day
  • Pentax 67 lens 165/2.8 - SEK 300/day
  • Pentax 67 intermediate rings, kit with 3 different sizes - SEK 100/day
  • Mamiya RZ PROII camera housing incl. light shaft - SEK 420/day (there are 3)
  • Mamiya RZ lens 50/4.5 - SEK 300/day
  • Mamiya RZ lens 50/4.5 ULD (liquid lens element) - SEK 400/day
  • Mamiya RZ lens 65/4 LA (liquid lens element) - SEK 400/day
  • Mamiya RZ lens 65/4 - SEK 300/day
  • Mamiya RZ lens 75/3.5 - SEK 300/day
  • Mamiya RZ lens 90/3.5 - SEK 300/day (there are 2 pieces)
  • Mamiya RZ lens 110/2.8 - SEK 350/day (there are 2 pieces)
  • Mamiya RZ lens 140/4.5 M/LA - SEK 300/day
  • Mamiya RZ lens 180/4.5 - SEK 300/day
  • Mamiya RZ lens 250/4.5 - SEK 300/day
  • Mamiya RZ Prism viewfinder with light meter - SEK 200/day (there are 2)
  • Mamiya RZ 120 magazine - SEK 120/day (there are 6)
  • Mamiya RZ Winder II - SEK 100/day
  • Mamiya RZ intermediate ring No.1 - SEK 100/day
  • Mamiya RZ intermediate ring No.2 - SEK 100/day
  • Mamiya RZ Polaroid magazine - SEK 100/day
  • Mamiya RZ double wire trigger mechanical - SEK 75/day
  • Mamiya RZ electric wire trigger - SEK 75/day
  • Mamiya RZ L-grip handle - SEK 75/day
  • Mamiya 645 AFDII camera housing with prism finder incl. film mag. - SEK 420/day
  • Mamiya 645 AFD camera body with prism finder incl. film mag. - SEK 420/day
  • Mamiya 645 lens AF 55/2.8 - SEK 300/day
  • Mamiya 645 lens AF 80/2.8 - SEK 300/day (there are 2)
  • Mamiya 645 lens AF 150/3.5 - SEK 300/day

    35mm cameras

    • Contax G2 Camera housing - SEK 750/day
    • Biogon 28/2.8 - SEK 400/day
    • Plans 35/2 - SEK 400/day
    • Plans 45/2 - SEK 400/day
    • Sonnar 90/2.8 - SEK 300/day
    • Contax TLA 200 flash SEK 300/day
    • Nikon F5 Camera housing - SEK 300/day
    • Nikkor AF 20-35/2.8D - SEK 300/day
    • Nikkor AF-S 35/1.8G - SEK 300/day
    • Nikkor AF-S 50/1.4G - SEK 300/day
    • Nikkor AF 50/1,4D - SEK 300/day
    • Nikkor AF 85/1.8D - SEK 300/day
    • Nikkor SB-26 flash - SEK 200/day
    • Nikon SB-28 flash - SEK 200/day
    • Nikon TTL cable - SEK 50/day


    • Minolta Autometer IVF light meter (daylight + flash light) - SEK 200/day
    • Sunpak Ring flash DX12R - SEK 300/day

    Rental conditions

    • § 1 You can rent cameras from Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm only as a company. Payment of the rental cost is made by invoice or credit card. In some special cases, a deposit equal to the value of the rented equipment must be paid. The deposit is paid back after the end of the rental period. All or parts of the deposit may not be refunded, such as in the case of late return, damage to the equipment, etc. See section 3 for what applies.
      • § 2 You as a customer (lessee) are responsible for rented equipment from the time it is received before the start of the rental period, until it is returned to Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm after the end of the rental period.
      • § 3 All equipment rented from Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm is uninsured . This means that the lessee is responsible for the rented products during the rental period. If the equipment is stolen, fully or partially damaged, or otherwise cannot be returned in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the rental period, the lessee is obliged to compensate Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm with the corresponding amount. The corresponding amount means that Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm has the right to demand compensation corresponding to the amount that equivalent equipment costs to reacquire. Alternatively, demand compensation with the amount that it costs a workshop to repair broken equipment so that it is in the same condition as at the beginning of the rental period. The company Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm can also demand compensation for wear and tear that occurred on the rented product during the rental period in what can be considered "wear and tear beyond normal". This applies even if the product does not have to be sent to a workshop to continue working. However, assessment is made on a case-by-case basis.
      • § 4 Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm does not take responsibility for costs that may arise for the lessee or other person/company, if the rented equipment should fully or partially break down/stop working during the rental period. Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm is not responsible for wear or any damage to images, films or other things used in the equipment, as well as to materials or external equipment that is connected or used together with the rented equipment.
      • § 5 Collection/return of rented products normally takes place on the days the rental period starts/ends. However, it is possible to pick up the product the evening before the rental period starts, and return it the morning after the rental period ends, IF the rented product is not booked by another customer on those days.
      • The company Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm is responsible for ensuring that the rented equipment is in perfect condition when it is delivered to the renter (but not if it has been damaged in transit on the way to the renter). This means that, if possible, we replace non-functioning equipment (where the fault is not due to external damage from the lessee or another person) within Sweden without extra costs for you as lessee. Only if Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm is not able to deliver an identical or similar product that has stopped working, can reimbursement for the day/days that the rented equipment cannot be used be applicable to the renter. Company Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm approves no other claims for damages. The lessee must always promptly contact Firma Joakim Reynols/Kamerastockholm via and notify if/when the rented equipment has broken down/stopped working. Claims for reimbursement of rental costs are not accepted retrospectively, which have not been notified as above. If rented products are to be sent by parcel post, the days it takes to send are counted as rental days. This means that these will be charged as normal rental days.