35mm panorama adapter for medium format camera
35mm panorama adapter for medium format camera

35mm panorama adapter for medium format camera

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Use 35mm film in your medium format camera and get the full height, including the film perforations (sprockets) exposed.

Includes 2 adapters for the new unexposed film, as well as 2 adapters + rewind cassette (the one in the camera in the picture).

1 - Put the adapters on the new film and on the rewind cassette (check that the right adapter ends up in the right place).
2 - Tape the end of the new film to the film strip on the rewind cassette, load everything into the camera.
3 - When the film is ready, unload the cassette in the dark, wind the film into the take-up cassette. Then cut off the end of the new film, leaving a few centimeters of the film outside. Then use that cassette as a flushing cassette. Each flushing cassette is thus only used once before it is returned to the lab. The new film's cassette thus always becomes a rewind cassette after it has been used.

Alternatively, use an empty 120 spool (not included) as a take-up spool and tape the end of the unexposed film. After shooting, open the camera in total darkness and wind the film back into the cassette again.