Hasselblad F-Distagon CF 30/3.5
Hasselblad F-Distagon CF 30/3.5
Hasselblad F-Distagon CF 30/3.5

Hasselblad F-Distagon CF 30/3.5

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Hasselblad's Distagon CF 30/3.5 in fine optical condition, has some cosmetic wear in the paint in some places.
Some defects exist:
The front rubber strip is reglued (in a not very nice way).
The rubber strip on the focus ring has swollen a little, is loose and needs to be replaced/glued.
The plastic ring behind the rubber on the focus ring has come off (however, does not affect the function at all).
The plastic button that causes both the shutter speed and the aperture ring to spin at the same time is not fully seated.
There are some small marks/scratches on the front and rear lenses.
There is a lot of dirt between the lenses (assess it as dirt and not fungus).
All 4 filters (3 colored and one clear), one of which must be used, are included with the original case.

Not covered by our standard 14 day warranty as it is sold on commission.

s/n 6568105